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It’s quite surprising where 24 hours can lead you. One day, we’re attempting to ferry the prince to Altissia so he may wed his betrothed. The next, we’re mounting what resistance we can against the Empire that’s stolen our crystal and assassinated our ruler.

The Marshal told us to meet him at Hammerhead, but he had departed by the time we got there. I doubt if Cor even knows how to take it easy. At any rate, we met with Cid, the longtime acquaintance of King Regis. It appears he was on to the Empire’s plot. And according to him, so was his majesty, who fought as hard as he could given the circumstances.

The Empire has not only been after our crystal, but the Ring of the Lucii, a keepsake of the kings of old. We know they got the former. The whereabouts of the latter remain a mystery.

The Crownsguard does seem to have a plan in mind, so we were told to meet the Marshal at the tombs, that being a tomb of one of the old kings of Lucis. We did get some good news in that Iris, Gladio’s sister, got out of Insomnia and is headed for Lestallum. Like with her, there’s no turning back. The only way to go is forward.

Forward, unfortunately, seems to put us in the path of the Empire at every turn. They appear to know Noct is alive, and are starting to show up everywhere we go, inundating us with surprise attacks. However, whether through outrunning or out-muscling the Magitek troopers, we’ve managed to stay one step ahead.

We did it make to the tomb, one of many throughout the land of Lucis. Cor explained the Royal Arms, the mystical weapons of Lucis’ previous kings, and how it is the prince’s duty to collect the power of his forebears. Undoubtedly power like that will only aid our resistance against Niflheim.

Noctis does seem a little distraught over his duty, due to his father’s choice to protect him rather than his people. Despite his outbursts, he does seem to understand. And he does seem to know what he must do. Having seen the prince go through life with questionable commitment to prior endeavors, this is actually quite refreshing.

We picked up the first Royal Arm, and the Marshal pointed us in the direction of the second; the Keycatrich Trench. In the past, it was a makeshift settlement for those displaced by war. Now, it appears to be another front in the Empire’s tireless efforts to hinder us. At least we have one of the old kings quite literally looking over us.

Inviting scenery, if I do say so myself.

The Empire may have been ready for us, but with the Marshal at our side, they soon learned they were sorely outmatched. He did leave us to explore the Trench on our own. No doubt he entrusts us to keep the prince safe. We best not disappoint.

The Trench was home to many signs of life, just not of the human variety. Daemons seem to have long called this place home, and in order to collect the second Royal Arm, we had traverse many dark corridors with the fiends trying to kill us. When they weren’t trying to scare us, that is.

We were able to pick up the second Royal Arm without much trouble, and with our arsenal marginally increased, it was time to see what we could do about depleting the Empire’s. The Marshal wants us to take out an Imperial base on the border between Leide and Duscae. Doing this will grant us access to the Duscae region and beyond, and the tombs lying in wait there.

The plan was fairly straightforward: Gladio, Prompto, Monica and myself serve as a diversion on the outside, while Noct disrupts the base from the inside with Cor. The plan was a success, and we opened the gateway to the westward lands, but only to be greeted by an Imperial general piloting an advanced Magitek Armor.

The welcome wagon has never looked so formidable.

A tough fight, but we pulled through, again with Cor’s help. If he wasn’t sure of our abilities before, I believe he may be now. Once again we bid farewell to the Marshal, who will keep an eye on Niflheim in ways only he knows how. Crossing the border into Duscae, it is hard to know what exactly will await us. Everyone seems excited for their own reasons. Myself, I wonder what kind of exotic ingredients I will find beyond.

Only the freshest ingredients will do.

So away we go, into the waiting arms of the open road ahead. The Empire will remain an obstacle. As long as we stay focused, we may be an equal one to them.


Ignis Scientia

Hey everyone. Thanks for checking out part 3, which did indeed comprise the entirety of Chapter 2. Although, there was a lot more to Chapter 2 than I remembered.

Quite a few quests open up in Chapter 2, especially in Hammerhead with Takka and Cindy. However, it was quite humorous to have completed two or three of their quests at a time, thanks to the items I picked up along the way, and getting the rewards as if I had to work for them. Too bad Cid’s quests aren’t easier. I remember I was able to upgrade all of the weapons I picked up in my first playthrough. I also remember that it took quite some time.

Speaking of taking time, part 4, and possibly the next couple parts after that, will focus on Chapter 3. The game’s open world gets even more open at this point. The next story-based mission has me going to Lestallum, but if my first playthrough is any indication, it will be quite some time before I actually get there, due to the wealth of side missions and hunts on the way.

In regards to part 4, something will be happening soon in my life that will make this series, as well as the Geekpiphany blog in general, harder to keep up with. While I won’t be fully divested, I just don’t know how much time I’ll be able to devote in the near future. I’ll reveal more in a future post. Call it a sporadic hiatus, but be sure to stay with the site for more great content by myself and the rest of the Geekpiphany quartet.

As always, thanks for reading!

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