It’s hard to believe E3 2015 was nearly four years ago.

It was at that show that Square-Enix announced through a cinematic trailer that a remake of the beloved Final Fantasy VII was in development. Fan demand for a remake was high, especially after a PS3 tech demo of the game’s opening scene at E3 10 years earlier, and it appeared Square-Enix was answering those demands.

And then, silence. News on the remake has been scarce, and there has been some shifting in regards to the project, most notably switching development from outside studio CyberConnect2 to an in-house team. But, the relative silence may be coming to an end.

During PlayStation’s State of Play livestream last week, fans were treated to a new trailer for the much-hyped project. And as much as fans enjoyed the new footage, they probably also enjoyed the fact the trailer promises more news next month, possibly during E3.

If you haven’t seen the new Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer yet, check it out below:

At only a minute long, there is still a lot to get excited about. We knew gameplay was going to be more of an action-oriented affair, much like Final Fantasy XV or Kingdom Hearts. What we might not have expected was the attention to detail to the original game. Indeed, limit breaks like Cloud’s Cross-slash, or Barret’s Big Shot, and enemies like the Sweeper or Don Corneo’s pet Apps have been faithfully re-created. In Apps’ case, sometimes they look more intimidating than ever.

The trailer seems to focus on scenes with the party in Midgar, such as when storming the mako reactors and when in the sewers underneath Don Corneo’s mansion. We even get a scene where it looks like Sephiroth appears before Cloud after a successful mission in the mako reactor, possibly some of the new content the developers want to add into the game.

There has been some criticism towards Barret’s voice, in that he sounds like a stereotypical African-American. I will not join those criticisms for now. For one thing, it’s a trailer based on an early build of the game, and could change between now and release. Plus, Barret’s voice actor, Beau Billingslea, is a very accomplished voice actor and will undoubtedly turn in a great performance.

Speaking of voice actors, Steve Burton returns to lend his voice to Cloud Strife. As Cloud’s only English voice actor, it makes a lot of sense. However, it sounds like someone other than George Newbern will be voicing Sephiroth. As for Aerith, who is given a lot of screen time in this trailer, I can’t tell if it’s Andrea Bowen voicing her or someone else.

As long as it’s not Mena Suvari, that’s all I’m saying.

With the release of this trailer, I can’t help but think that Final Fantasy VII Remake is getting the Kingdom Hearts III treatment. Specifically, after Final Fantasy XV was released, Kingdom Hearts III was deemed Square-Enix’s next big project and was given a huge marketing push, beginning a year and a half before release. With Kingdom Hearts III released, Final Fantasy VII Remake may very well experience the same push.

While there is not a whole lot known about the game, reports are the development team is sticking to the plan to release the game in multiple parts, so as to include all the new content they want to put into the game. While no price points have been announced, it’s widely believed that each installment will carry the price tag of a new release. While that may be hard for some to stomach, if the development team sticks to their original promise and includes a bunch of new content, such as more of the city of Midgar, fans will more than likely gladly pay asking price to experience Final Fantasy VII in a brand new way.

Personally, I’m glad the PlayStation 4 is still the destination console for the remake. I half expected for development to switch to the recently announced PlayStation 5, which would torpedo one of the reasons I got a PlayStation 4 in the first place. Still, I would expect a PlayStation 5 port somewhere down the line. Final Fantasy VII Remake is too big of a release to not take into the next generation.

At any rate, I will eagerly be anticipating E3 2019 for the latest news on the title. Will any more characters be shown off? Will we get a look of the world outside Midgar? Will the game get a subtitle to shed the kind-of-awkward-sounding Final Fantasy VII Remake moniker? Be sure to stick with Geekpiphany for the latest news and analysis surrounding Square-Enix’s next big title.

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