Welcome back to my rankings of all 20 students of Class 1-A, focusing on the top 10. If you missed the first part of this countdown, you can check it out by clicking here. Let’s get back to it…

#10 Eijiro Kirishima / Sturdy Hero Red Riot

Quirk: Hardening – Allows Kirishima to harden his skin to near unbreakable levels

This kid, despite not have a fire-based quirk, seems to be a living embodiment of fire, from his spiky red hair to his hot-blooded personality. At some points, he can be considered the glue that holds the class together. He is extremely likable and seems to have no problems getting along with anyone, as one of his closest friends is the similarly hot-blooded, although much angrier, Katsuki Bakugo.

Kirishima’s hero costume seems to give him a more animalistic appearance, with gear-like objects for shoulder pads and headgear with gives the appearance of bared fangs, which goes right along with his quirk turning his skin into craggy mounds of rock. His quirk has been shown to be quite useful, as along with providing excellent defense, also boosts his strength as well, as he punches with the strength of a boulder. His quirk, however, does have its limits, as prolonged use will cause his hardening to weaken.

Kirishima is obsessed with the concept of manliness, using it to describe things and behaviors he likes. This sense is on full display, as he is the one who suggests going after Bakugo after the forest training camp. Despite his rough nature, and similarly rough appearance, he is a very caring young man, going to great lengths to protect those he considers friends.

#9 Minoru Mineta / Fresh-Picked Hero Grape Juice

Quirk: Pop Off – Mineta’s sticky-ball scalp can be used to stick to objects, and people.

Surprised I have him ranked so high? Don’t be. Underneath that unassuming exterior and easily-flustered attitude lie an intelligence and a confidence that has shown itself on multiple occasions.

Design-wise, Mineta’s distinguishing features are the grape-like sticky balls on his head, which he can tear off his scalp and stick them to whatever he wants, while he himself bounces off of it. His hero costume is a little simplistic, but with some elements, such as the yellow accents and ramen bowl-like underwear, that make him instantly recognizable.

Yes, Mineta is a perverted creature, probably the most perverted around. But his perversion is mainly played up for laughs. It also serves as his inspiration for being a hero, as being a hero would grant him the popularity with girls he has always sought. And despite the silliness of his quirk, and its drawback of causing his scalp to bleed if he overuses it, he has used it to great effect to bring him victory, such as during the villain attack on the USJ and during his final exams while in battle with the pro hero Midnight.

Everyone loves an underdog. And it’s hard not to root for Mineta.

#8 Fumikage Tokoyami / Jet-Black Hero Tsukuyomi

Quirk: Dark Shadow – Tokoyami has control over a sentient shadow-like creature, which gets stronger the darker it gets.

In a world where anthropomorphic animals are a common sight, Tokoyami is still a unique creature. Although his face looks like that of a raven or a crow, he has normal human features as well (i.e. teeth inside of his beak.)

Tokoyami is reserved and quiet, but this does not mean he is anti-social. On the contrary, when teamed up with others, Tokoyami becomes a great team player, helping out his teammates and thanking them for their efforts. This was first displayed when he teamed up with Izuku Midoriya during the Calvary Battle of the U.A. Sports Festival.

Tokoyami’s defining characteristic has to be his quirk, Dark Shadow. He can use the sentient creature to great effect, whether going on the attack or staying back and defending. The stronger the darkness, or the stronger his negative emotions, the stronger Dark Shadow gets, sometimes to the point he can lose control. This has only happened once, during the League of Villains’ attack on the training camp.

Still, Tokoyami is the closest thing to a ninja Class 1-A has. And with his demeanor and combat skills, he fits the bill quite nicely.

#7 Tsuyu Asui / Rainy Season Hero Froppy

Quirk: Frog – Tsu can do whatever a frog can, like sticking out her tongue and jumping high and far.

A true fan favorite in the My Hero Academia universe, Tsu has a lot of characteristics that make endear her to people. She’s very friendly and outgoing, able to make friends with nearly everyone. She’s very intelligent and observant. And she has a tendency to say exactly what’s on her mind, whether good or bad.

Tsu’s appearance is very distinctive, from her large black eyes, wide mouth and appearance of her hands. In her hero costume, she becomes even more frog-like, with skin markings and accessories such as her boots and goggles. When it comes time to work, there aren’t many better than Tsu. She’s calm and level-headed, and can use her quirk in whatever manner the situation calls for. She teams up very well with others and has even gotten stronger, with a camouflage ability she displayed during the Provisional License Exam.

Personally, when I first saw Tsu, I didn’t know what to expect. Now I can say I look forward to her appearances.

#6 Tenya Iida / Ingenium

Quirk: Engine – Iida can move at great speeds due to the engines on his calves

Here’s another character that becomes so much more than his first appearance would suggest. In the beginning, he seems like a straight-laced, by-the-book blowhard. In reality, he’s actually quite friendly and cooperative, and his serious nature, due to his position as class rep, is mainly used for comedy.

He also has one of the more distinctive designs, with the tailpipes emerging from his calves, to his hero costume, which gives him the look of a knight crossed with a Cadillac. His quirk allows him to move at fast speeds, taking some by surprise, but also gives him high-powered kicks, so he has his uses in combat.

Iida has also undergone decent amount of character development. His older brother, a man he looked up to, was disabled in a fight against Hero Killer Stain, leaving Iida to take up the mantle far sooner that he probably would have. His encounter with Stain showed him the folly of being driven by revenge, and since then he has tried to act as an honorable hero. We will see if season 4 shows off any more growth on his part.

#5 Ochaco Uraraka / Uravity

Quirk: Zero Gravity – Uraraka can cause objects to float by touching them with the pads on her fingers.

Probably Izuku’s first friend at U.A., and quite possibly his best friend, Ochaco has a warm, bubbly personality that draws people to her. She is one of the more popular and well-liked people in class with her earnest nature and positive attitude. She has a distinctive look, with the forelocks of her hair being longer than her actual hairstyle and peach-colored cheeks. Her hero costume, although mainly a skin-tight bodysuit, does have an astronaut vibe to it, with large boots and a helmet.

Uraraka wants to be a hero so she can make a lot of money. It doesn’t sound like a noble endeavor at first, but then you learn that she wants to do that for her parents. She did not grow up with much, and it shows, but she also doesn’t want a whole lot. She just wants to provide a better life for her family.

With her quirk, Uraraka can restrain foes or even rain debris on opponents. Her internship training with the pro hero Gunhead has also given her an aptitude for close combat. One of the latest developments with her character is her coming to terms with her romantic feelings for Izuku. Although she has placed them aside for now, you have to wonder if season 4 will expand on these feelings in any way.

#4 Katsuki Bakugo

Quirk: Explosion – Using a nitroglycerine-type substance secreted like sweat, Bakugo can create explosions that can be used to attack or move around the battlefield.

Is there a reason that Bakugo is such a jerk? Following the concept of Occam’s razor, in which the simplest explanation is usually the best, Bakugo is a jerk due to the adulation he received as a young boy for having such a strong quirk. The constant praise led Bakugo to believe he was simply better than everyone else.

There is no doubt his quirk is strong, possibly the strongest in Class 1-A at this point. Whether he’s creating distractions, attacking his opponents or moving around at great speeds, there’s not a whole lot his quirk can’t do. Perhaps it’s fitting that a boy with such an explosive temper has a quirk to match.

However, his time at U.A. has shown Bakugo that he was really just a big fish in a small pond. Granted, he has used those revelations as motivation to become the strongest he possibly can, placing first at the U.A. Sports Festival. He is also a lot more determined one may give him credit for, stopping at nothing to become the greatest hero he can despite his fiery nature, disappointing the villains that kidnapped him.

His defining relationship has to be his antagonistic nature towards Izuku. However, the two have made greater strides in understanding each other (Bakugo thought Izuku looked down on him despite not having a quirk), and even confided in Izuku during their battle that he felt immense guilt for All Might’s retirement. His rough attitude towards Izuku may not change anytime soon, but the two have become proper rivals.

# 3 Momo Yaoyorozu / Everything Hero Creati

Quirk: Creation – Using the lipids in her body, Momo can create any non-living object as long as she understands its composition.

The highest-ranked female in Class 1-A (in my opinion), Momo is quite a deeper character than one would gather at first glance. She is quite mature looking for a high school student, but has a bouncy personality when among friends. She’s a rich girl, but loves to open her home up to her classmates to help them study. Then there’s her hero costume. Not leaving much to the imagination, one would think it merely fan service. However, it’s so she can use her quirk to her fullest extent without destroying her costume.

Momo certainly has one of the better quirks in Class 1-A. Able to create anything from the lipids in her body, Momo has crafted various support items and offensive weapons in the battles she’s been in. She also carries a dictionary with her, in case she needs to understand the composition of an object before creating it.

Despite her looks, Momo actually underwent a bout of insecurity in her abilities during the series, even though she was only one of two to make it in the U.A. Hero Course on recommendation. This insecurity is only heightened after a loss to Tokoyami in the Sports Festival. However, after pairing up with Shoto Todoroki during the final exams, she learns she does have what it takes to succeed. This is displayed during the Provisional License Exam, as she was able to help Asui, Shoji and Jiro pass when they were cornered by Seiai Academy.

She’s almost a mother of sorts to Class 1-A. This makes her quite the supportive student.

#2 Shoto Todoroki

Quirk: Half-Cold Half-Hot – Todoroki commands both ice and fire with his quirk.

Among the students of Class 1-A, no one has probably undergone such a large amount of growth in a short amount of time quite like Shoto Todoroki.

The other student to make it in the Hero Course on recommendation, Todoroki is in a class all his own. This is due to inheriting both his father’s and mother’s quirks. With ice on his right side and fire on his left, he can use his quirk to destructive effect. He can also use his ice to move quickly along the ground. While overuse of either ice or fire skews his body temperature to that side, use of the other quirk can counteract that.

However, Todoroki, at first, is a cold, aloof individual, only using his ice quirk to spite his father, the number two hero Endeavor. It is only when fighting Izuku at the Sports Festival that he is able to let go of the resentment he holds towards his father and effectively use both quirks. Since then, he has become much more warm and friendly, being seen hanging with Izuku and the others on various occasions. He even assisted Izuku and Iida in their fight against Stain. While the Provisional License Exam showed deep down he still harbors ill feelings towards his father, he continues to make efforts toward finally letting go of his abusive upbringing. We will see what growth will be in store for him in season 4.

#1 Izuku Midoriya / Deku

Quirk: One for All – With a superpower passed down through generations, Izuku can activate his quirk for greater speed and power.

My Hero Academia is a story about how Izuku became the world’s greatest hero despite being quirkless. Was there any doubt he’d take the number one spot?

While both his civilian and hero designs are rather simplistic, you can’t miss Izuku’s trademark messy green hair and freckles. Since gaining One for All from All Might, Izuku has been working hard toward making the quirk his own. While he initially couldn’t land a One for All-enhanced punch without breaking his arm, he is now able to consistently put out 8% of the power with no ill effects on his body. And his kick-focused Shoot Style now allows him to avoid the strain of the power on his arms.

But what really propels Izuku to the top spot is the strength of his character. Even quirkless, Izuku has always sought to help others. Getting a quirk has only solidified this desire, as shown in his intense efforts to rescue the boy Kota from a villain that killed his parents, or protecting Iida from the killer Stain. Izuku is also a very intelligent young man, able to quickly formulate battle strategies, a result of his tireless study of heroes since he was little.

Obviously, more growth is in store for Deku, and season 4 should stand as another stage in his development.

And that’s the list, but what students in Class 1-A stand out in your mind and why? Let us know in the comments below. As always, thanks for reading!

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