The central focus of My Hero Academia is Class 1-A, a homeroom with 20 unique students. While 20 unique main protagonists and supporting characters may seem like a lot at first, the show does a pretty good job of giving viewers the chance to get to know each and every one of them.

So after three seasons of My Hero Academia, which students are head of the class, and which need some more homework? This is a comprehensive list of all 20 students, considering their character traits, character design, personal growth and quirk factor, and ranking them from the bottom to the top.

Note that my rankings, aside from solely being my opinion, will be based on the main anime series alone. That means no manga (as I’ve only just started that) and no additional media, such as OVAs or the recent Two Heroes movie. So with that, let’s begin…

#20 Rikido Sato / Sweets Hero Sugarman

Quirk: Sugar Rush – Allows Sato to increase his strength five-fold for 3 minutes after eating 10g of sugar.

In a list like this, someone has to occupy the bottom. Sato, unfortunately, finds himself taking residence here.

While his quirk is handy in a fight, it comes with the drawback of a major sugar crash. After exhausting his strength, his cognitive functions drop, and he becomes very sleepy. Design-wise, he’s your prototypical big man, although his costume and overall look bear a slight resemblance to Kinnikuman from the titular series. He does have a friendly personality, but he has not had the opportunity to show much growth, aside from showing that, due to the sugar needed to activate his quirk, he has become a proficient baker.

None of this is to say Sato is a bad character or a bad hero. No one in Class 1-A is. He just hasn’t been given much time to market himself in comparison to others.

#19 Koji Koda / Petting Hero Anima

Quirk: Anivoice – Allows Koda to talk with animals, getting them to help out in battle.

Koda is a big, strong student whose head makes him look like a type of rock monster, which could certainly intimidate your average villain. But in reality, he’s quite shy and quiet. You could probably count the times he’s actually spoken out loud on one hand.

His quirk makes him the Dr. Doolittle of My Hero Academia. He has used it on a couple of occasions to bring forth victory, notably during the final exams where he got over his fear of bugs long enough to help him and Kyoka Jiro pass.

Since then, he’s become a bit more assertive. Still, he’s still more likely to converse with animals than his fellow classmates.

#18 Yuga Aoyama / Shining Hero Can’t Stop Twinkling

Quirk: Navel Laser – Allows Aoyama to fire a laser from his belly button.

Aoyama is your typical bishonen pretty boy, but played up to 11 with the blond hair, feminine eyes and closed-mouth smile. His hero costume consists of knight’s armor with a fancy blue cape. He looks like he would be a vain and prideful character, and he is, but again, this is mainly played up for laughs.

Aoyama’s quirk seems like it would be a great offensive one, but it does come with a downside. Since he fires the laser from his stomach, overuse leads to a stomachache as his stomach literally collapses into itself.

In season 3, we’ve been getting hints that Aoyama, despite his vain façade, does struggle with feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. However, he’s had his moments where he’s fought for others. He helped rescue Fumikage Tokoyami with a well-placed shot against the villain Mr. Compress, and he’s used his laser both as a beacon and a source of light to help others during the Provisional License Exam. There seems to be more to Aoyama than meets the eye. Perhaps season 4 will allow him more of a chance to show that.

#17 Mashirao Ojiro / Martial Arts Hero Tailman

Quirk: Tail – Ojiro’s tail serves as both a weapon and a method for moving around quickly

Design-wise, nothing really sticks out for Ojiro aside from his muscular, furry-tipped tail, which he does use to great effect. His hero costume is nothing more than a simple karate gi as well. However, Ojiro has been shown to be a mild-mannered classmate with a strong sense of dignity and honor, which was shown when he removed himself from the U.A. Sports Festival after being under the influence of Hitoshi Shinso’s Brainwash quirk.

It was this experience, however, that allowed Ojiro to prep Izuku Midoriya for his fight with Shinso, showing his cooperative nature. Ojiro is a capable fighter, using his tail to complement his martial arts moves. However, as pro hero and U.A. teacher Ectoplasm showed him prior to the Provisional License Exam, he tends to rely on it too much.

Ojiro is both bland and interesting. That mix, however, can’t propel him any higher than this spot.

#16 Hanta Sero / Taping Hero Cellophane

Quirk: Tape – Sero can fire tape from his elbows, restraining foes or moving around quickly.

As I mentioned in our latest podcast, Hanta Sero is Peter Parker, if Peter Parker were bitten by a radioactive 3M employee.

Sero sports a very simple design, although with unique eyes and a distinctive mouth. His hero costume is a little more involved, giving him the appearance of a tape dispenser (especially the helmet). Despite the design choices, Sero is actually quite proficient with his quirk. Whether it’s incapacitating foes or covering a lot of ground in little time, he has shown his capabilities in more than one battle, and he is not afraid to put himself in harm’s way for others, such as during the final exam against pro hero Midnight.

Sero is very friendly and outgoing, and while not afraid to call out classmates for their behavior, can sometimes fall into those behaviors as well. He has not shown much growth, but the application of his quirk lands him at #16.

#15 Toru Hagakure / Stealth Hero Invisible Girl

Quirk: Invisibility – She’s invisible. Duh.

And now we come to the first female of Class 1-A on the list. Hagakure, like Sero, has not had a lot of opportunity for character development. But what we do know about her is that’s she’s a very upbeat, bubbly individual who likes to hang out with people, even if they may not always know she’s there.

If Hagakure can turn off her quirk, we haven’t seen it. Creator Kohei Horikoshi always makes her identifiable through the clothes she wears. Her hero costume is simply a pair of gloves and boots, which suggests she is wearing nothing else. This is played for comic relief, such as her telling Ojiro not to look when she’s taking her gloves and boots off (even though he can’t see anything) and her getting mad at pro hero Snipe when he inadvertently brushes against her chest during the final exams.

Hagakure’s quirk makes her a natural for sneaking around and getting the jump on foes. Recently, however, her quirk has shown to have an offensive/support use as well. Her Light Refraction allows her to bend light through her invisible body, blinding nearby opponents. While we’ll definitely see more of Hagakure in later seasons, fans have to wonder if we’ll see more of her at some point.

#14 Mezo Shoji / Tentacle Hero Tentacole

Quirk: Dupli-Arms – Shoji can use the tips of his tentacles to replicate body parts, such as extra arms, mouths or ears.

With the look of a ninja fused with an octopus, Shoji is truly a unique character. His quirk has shown great application, particularly with gathering information and discerning enemy locations. Despite his movie monster appearance, Shoji is actually a very friendly person, and very protective of his classmates. He is also a very physically strong character, which is what you would expect from somebody with six arms.

Like Ojiro, Shoji has a dignified, honorable side to him. He is not one to let his emotions get the better of him, and he is very minimalistic, as his dorm room showed nothing more than a desk and a bed. He gets the edge on Ojiro, though, due to his character design and greater quirk variety. Like some others previously mentioned, he has not had much chance to show some character growth.

#13 Kyoka Jiro / Hearing Hero Earphone Jack

Quirk: Earphone Jack – Jiro can use the jacks on her earlobes to discern enemy locations, listen in on conversations or amplify her heartbeat to attack enemies with sound.

Jiro comes from a musician household. That is apparent in her short haircut, with streaks resembling EKG lines, and punk-rock inspired hero costume.

Of course, Jiro’s main features are the earphone jacks dangling from her earlobes. She has shown both offensive and support use for her quirk, such as assisting pro hero Death Arms in rescuing hostages during her internship. She has proven capable in battle through the use of her quirk. Using her earphone jacks in tandem with speakers on her gloves or her boots, she can attack enemies with sound. Her earphone jacks are also deceptively strong, being able use them like whips when she needs to.

Jiro is very brash and willing to say whatever’s on her mind. She also has a teasing, snarky personality, particularly when it comes to fellow classmate Denki Kaminari. However, she is very open with her friends, and can be quite empathetic. She also will not hesitate to help out a fellow classmate, enabling Koda to get over his fear of insects to help them both pass the final exams.

#12 Denki Kaminari / Stun Gun Hero Chargebolt

Quirk: Electrification – Kaminari can emit electricity from his body.

It’s easy to spot Kaminari in a crowd. Just look for the blond spiky hair with the black lightning bolt streak and the confident facial expressions. Or look for the wide-eyed, stupid-grin sporting look of a buffoon.

You will see the latter when Kaminari overuses his quirk, as his brain short circuits. While this is good for a laugh for two, it can also make Kaminari’s use in combat limited. However, he has been working to increase the amount of voltage he can put out before hitting his limit. He also has received gear to help him focus his quirk, as he displayed during the first phase of the Provisional License Exam.

Kaminari is very friendly and social. He considers himself a ladies’ man and is also shown to have a bit of a perverted side, as he usually goes along with Minoru Mineta and his schemes. The attitudes of others don’t really put him off, being one of the few people who can consistently tolerate Katsuki Bakugo’s rage. He can also be easily flustered, especially in high pressure situations. Overall, however, Kaminari is a multifaceted character that I’ve come to enjoy the more he is featured.

#11 Mina Ashido / Pinky

Quirk: Acid – Ashido can secrete an acid which can be used for offense, defense and movement.

Speaking of students you can pick out in a crowd, Ashido certainly falls into this category, with her pink skin, unruly pink hair and trademark yellow horns. She considers herself very fashionable, and you can see this with her hero costume, a multicolored camouflage bodysuit with various accessories such as frilly shoulders and boots.

Ashido is very cheerful and sociable. She loves to be around people and make them smile. In fact, she was one of the first people to approach Izuku after his battle training against Bakugo in season one.  She has shown great application of her quirk as well. She can use her acid to attack enemies and move around quickly, like against Aoyama in the Sports Festival. She has recently developed a defensive use for her quirk as well with Acid Veil, which she displayed during the Provisional License Exam.

Ashido just falls outside the top 10, however, due to her not having many opportunities for character growth. However, she has received a little more of the spotlight than some other students, and so we may eventually see her get some time to shine in due course.

And that’s the first half of the list. Stay tuned to Geekpiphany for Class 1-A’s top 10 students at a later date.

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