Everyone, listen. I get that 2017 by many accounts has been…well, not the best year, to put it mildly. You gotta take care of yourself, though, and that’s where this announcement comes in. It’s been a long, long, long time coming for fans of the Blue Bomber, but today Capcom actually proved that they remember we still exist!

OK, low bar, I know, but after this year’s earlier letdown of an anniversary stream, today was fantastic. Mega Man 11 was announced, and it looks beautiful. It’s a classic platformer with what looks to be new mechanics and an HD polish, and readers, I am ready. Heck, Capcom even managed to pull off a proper tease for the fans, with the mystery art from Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 revealed as a powered up Mega Man!


Check back later for a breakdown of the Mega Man 11 trailer, wherein I take my highly trained eye and pick out points of interest both new and old.

Edit: The trailer is now on YouTube. Enjoy, and come back later for our analysis!

Edit 2: Checkout our in-depth breakdown of the Mega Man 11 trailer.

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