It has been a while since our last entry here at Geekpiphany. With the final chapter of the Skywalker Saga a mere week away, what better time than now?

In our travels through the internet, we encountered this list. The list contains 30 topics for mini articles, meant to count down the final 30 days before the premier of the ninth episode of the Star Wars Saga. Since we discovered the list so late in the game, we will be breaking the list into a 3 part series, each entry addressing ten items from the list.

Here is the list. Have a look and then come see if your answers agree with ours!

  1. First Star Wars Memory
  2. R-Unit or BB-Unit?
  3. Your favorite lightsaber
  4. Top 3 lightsaber duels
  5. Favorite “A New Hope” moment
  6. Top 3 score tracks
  7. Pick a planet for vacation
  8. Top 3 Star Wars tabletop games
  9. Dark Side or Light Side?
  10. Top 3 Legends characters that should be canonized
  11. Favorite “The Empire Strikes Back” moment
  12. Favorite Star Wars toy
  13. Favorite “Return of the Jedi” Moment
  14. Least-favorite character
  15. Top 3 Star Wars video games
  16. Favorite “The Phantom Menace” moment
  17. Top 3 favorite outfits
  18. Top 6 characters introduced in Star Wars Anthology films, comics, and animation
  19. Change one thing in Star Wars
  20. Favorite “Attack of the Clones” moment
  21. Exactly how incredible is “The Mandalorian?”
  22. Favorite “Revenge of the Sith” moment
  23. Favorite “The Force Awakens” moment
  24. Favorite and least favorite destination on Star Tours
  25. Favorite “The Last Jedi” moment
  26. Top 3 starships (not counting The Falcon)
  27. All-time favorite quote
  28. Favorite battle
  29. All-time favorite character
  30. Best Star Wars memory

Bonus for after The Rise of Skywalker

  • Best TROS outfit
  • Best TROS score track
  • Best TROS scene
  • Most surprising TROS moment
  • Favorite TROS line
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