The next big video game conference, Tokyo Game Show, is set to kick off in less than two weeks. Sony, to build hype for their event at TGS, held a pre-show Sept. 10 to showcase some of the games they will be presenting.

Yes, Kingdom Hearts III was one of those games.

And yes, a new trailer was premiered. Following the trend from E3, in which trailers focused on some of the worlds Sora, Donald and Goofy will be visiting, the pre-show trailer highlighted a world announced a few years ago, but never shown in some official gameplay capacity.

Big Hero 6, and the world of San Fransokyo, is finally getting its time to shine.

At a minute and a half, it’s one of the shorter Kingdom Hearts III trailers we’ve received, especially recently. And being that this was shown in relation to the Tokyo Game Show, obviously the audio is in Japanese, but it can be watched with English subtitles.

Since it’s a short trailer, I’ll briefly go over what was shown:

  • We’re placed right into the middle of the action on San Fransokyo’s version of the Golden Gate Bridge. Heartless are attacking, and our three favorite world-hoppers waste no time jumping into the fray.
  • Shortly after, we’re introduced to Baymax and Hiro (actually, we’re introduced first to GoGo, who doesn’t have much luck in taking on the Heartless). Hiro enlists Sora’s help in fighting the mysterious enemies. Good choice, kid.
  • We get brief scenes of the other members of Big Hero 6, before Sora is tasked with protecting them, along with Baymax (joining as a world-specific party member.) This seems to suggest while in San Fransokyo, we will take part in some mission-based objectives, rather than solely following along a somewhat linear story.
  • Speaking of the story, remember that this will be taking place after the movie, based on previous interviews. Also remember that we will be meeting up with the Baymax left behind in the teleportation portal from the movie, but he will be under the control of the darkness. We didn’t get a look at that in this trailer, but we may perhaps later.
  • No costume change for the world of San Fransokyo, but Sora is given a futuristic visor to wear. He also shows off a new keyblade transformation, the Nano Arms. Given the green color of Sora’s outfit, this looks to be a more speed-focused transformation, much like Arendelle’s Blizzard Blades. Using Hiro’s microbots, Sora seems to be switching up his weapons while he attacks, going from an actual sword to a hammer to even a cannon. The shotlock seems to call upon tendrils of microbots to attack enemies, much like how Professor Callaghan used them in the movie.
  • We do get to revisit some of the previously revealed worlds. Randall makes his appearance in Monstropolis, taunting Sora and company. Meanwhile, in the Kingdom of Corona, we get a look at some new scythe-wielding Nobody enemies. We also get another look at Young Xehanort in the Toy Box world.
  • Gummi Ship gameplay is then revealed. After checking out some new designs, including those based on Final Fantasy allies and monsters (hello Ultros), the trailer seems to show off both free-range and on-rails flying segments. We do everything from flying through rings, Star Fox-style, to fighting huge enemy ships.
  • We then get a rapid-fire montage of various people we’ve already seen in previous trailers, including members of the new Organization XIII and the newly-Norted Aqua. While this is going on, we get this rather ominous quote from Vanitas: “Only when your hopes have been broken by battle upon battle can the key to Kingdom Hearts be claimed.”

So that’s the latest Kingdom Hearts III trailer, but I don’t think that’s all we’re going to get from the Tokyo Game Show. Square-Enix will be hosting a stage show, called Square-Enix Presents, during the event. The stage show will be streamed on both Nico Nico and YouTube on Sept. 22 & 23.

Square-Enix announced that Kingdom Hearts III will have a presence during the stage show, so we might get a brand new, more in-depth trailer then. Or we might get a trailer that doesn’t really showcase anything new, much like during Square-Enix’s E3 conference, but I’m leaning toward the former at this point.

No matter what is shown at TGS, please stay tuned to Geekpiphany for the latest Kingdom Hearts III reveals and news coming out of the event.

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