Greetings kaiju and jaeger aficionados! As we noted earlier today, the first full trailer for Pacific Rim Uprising made its debut at NYCC 2017. As GeekPiphany’s resident ambassador of all things giant robot, I’ll be highlighting some interesting tidbits from today’s stunning trailer. Let’s get to it, shall we?

The trailer’s opening moment is interesting a couple of reasons. One, we’re introduced to the action via the viewpoint of newcomer Amara (Cailee Spaeny), who as we’ll see has quite the journey as the film progresses. What she’s watching is particularly interesting in that it seems to be robot-on-robot combat! Clearly, in the decade since the first Pacific Rim, humankind has figured out other uses for jaeger technology.

Jake Pentecost (John Boyega) looking bad-ass.

Our first kaiju, erupting from the streets. I’m more or less a know-nothing when it comes to cinematography, but I’ve heard a simplified take before that I rather like: a still from a well-shot film can direct eyes and tell a story all on its own. Using that criteria, I’d say that the filming of Pacific Rim Uprising is well-executed.

Interesting jaegers, these ones. They’ve got a bit of an “evil corporate” vibe going on, and we actually see them engage several different types of targets in the trailer: a military-looking command center, kaiju, and other jaegers. Hmm, they are glowing kaiju blue, come to think of it. Maybe these things are something else…weaponized kaiju, perhaps? As I think about it, there’s definitely an Evangelion vibe about these jaegers.

Jake and Amara watch the chaos unfold as one of the EVA-jaegers battles another unknown machine.

Center we see another newcomer, Liwen Shao (Tian Jing), though her role at this point is unclear. What is clear is that she’s definitely got style.

DIY jaeger! This relatively little machine is a fantastic menagerie of scrap and tech. Check out the excavator scoop hand! According to info released during the Pacific Rim Uprising NYCC 2017 panel, this jaeger is named Scrapper. There’s something else interesting about too…

…well, two things, really! First, Scrapper’s pilot looks to be none other than Amara. And only Amara at that! Seems that Scrapper is svelte enough that one mind is sufficient for control. No drift required!

This shot is just cool. I could note that this feels a touch less realistic than the previous solution that relied on helicopters, but I won’t because rockets.

A wave of itty bitty kaiju swarm towards four very unlucky souls. But that’s not all these little things can do, as we’ll see later.

Prepare for trouble! And make it double triple! The kaiju on the left is giving me a serious Pokémon vibe. Though I bet that thing’s probably banned, even from Ubers.

Mako (Rinko Kikuchi) returns! Not sure if this is trailer trickery or if she’s really fleeing from the above trio of kaiju, but given her face I’d believe it.

OK, I know a common lament is that trailers these days are prone to giving away nearly the entire plot of their movies. Hence Amara here sharing the cockpit of (presumably) Gipsy Avenger with Jake Pentecost. I’m not complaining, however, because I think it’s bad-ass to see this young girl come so far over the course of the movie!

Flaming chainsword! Don’t know what this antagonistic jaeger is that’s attacking Gipsy Avenger, but it’s clearly going to pose a serious threat.

Ah, here’s those little kaiju buggers again. They’re up to something, all right…

…something big.

We’ll close out with the money shot of our new jeager team. From looking at the GOJAEGER website, three of the jaegers are easily identified: Saber Athena (left), Guardian Bravo (right) and Gipsy Danger (front center). The big one in the back looks to be Bracer Phoenix, except with the giant mace hand from Titan Redeemer! Perhaps some scavenging/repairs are made through the course of the film?


Pacific Rim Uprising opens March 28, 2018.

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