The release of Kingdom Hearts III is getting closer. And for those who can’t wait, or for those that can’t just believe it, Square-Enix released more proof earlier today.

Square-Enix released a sneak peek of the opening cinematic trailer for the upcoming title, featuring the song “Face My Fears” from Utada Hikaru and longtime KH fan Skrillex. The trailer appears to be what will play when players select “New game” from the menu, albeit in an abridged capacity.

The trailer focuses on young Xehanort at a chess board. As Xehanort places pieces on the board, different events play out from different games, including Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II. The trailer makes the connection that the events of these games have been planned by Xehanort from the beginning, with the imagery of chess pieces and battles taking place on a chess board.

And it’s not just Xehanort causing all this havoc. It’s his various incarnations, from Ansem: Seeker of Darkness to Xemnas. As we approach the end, Xehanort and his various 13 Darknesses have their sights set on Sora (the boy who has been thwarting his plans on a near-consistent basis) and Kairi (one of the seven Princesses of Heart), both in their Kingdom Hearts II attire.

The two quickly get assistance from Goofy and Donald, and then again from Riku and Mickey, perhaps setting the stage for the final confrontation. After all, it will be Xehanort’s 13 Darknesses against the 7 lights. All I can say, “Wow, Lea, they just kind of put you on the sidelines, didn’t they?”

Of course, being an opening cinematic, the trailer could be more about setting up the beginning of the story, rather than flashing ahead to the end. At any rate, it’s a pretty impressive trailer, with the full power of next generation consoles on full display. And this Utada/Skrillex collaboration is sure to be one that will get stuck in many a person’s head, with its melodic lyrics and fast-paced beat.

Be sure to check out the trailer below. As always, thanks for reading!

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GP Sean

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