The third season of the worldwide hit anime My Hero Academia has recently concluded. In season 3, we got a look at new heroes, new villains and new stories with the series’ trademark nail-biting action.

There were 25 episodes of season 3, covering the Forest Training Camp, Hideout Raid and Provisional License Exam arcs. With all that was presented, what were the best moments of season 3? That is what I’ll try to decipher, with this post focusing on numbers 10 through 6. I will list the moment and the episode numbers (total episode number, not season number) while recapping the moment itself and why it belongs on the list.

Needless to say, with a list like this, there’s bound to be a spoiler or two if you’re not caught up. If you are caught, or just don’t care, let’s get started.

#10 – The Big 3 revealed

(Episode #63 – “Unrivaled”)

Mirio Togata, Nejire Hado and Tamaki Amajiki. At the country’s most prestigious superhero school, these three are considered the top students, which means they are well on their way to becoming top pro heroes in their own right.

With the start of the second semester, Shota Aizawa introduces his Class 1-A to The Big 3, with the hope that they can shed some light on the work studies program the students are curious about. Different from the internships that took place after the Sports Festival, the work studies program would have students serve as a pro hero’s sidekick, getting some valuable experience along the way.

However, with Amajiki’s stage fright, and Hado spending most of her time questioning the class on their various quirks, it’s left up to Togata to explain the program to Class 1-A. But the only way he knows how to is through a fight. And with sublime application of his quirk, Permeation (which allows him to phase through objects), as well as the skills he picked up serving in the work studies program, Togata is able to easily overcome Class 1-A. And Class 1-A sees the benefits of such a program.

This was the last episode of season 3, and it served as an appetizer for the upcoming season 4. With the introduction of U.A.’s strongest students, as well as some fearsome new villains, we will be in for quite a ride when the series resumes.

#9 – Class 1-A passes the first test

(Episodes #53-56 – “The Test” through “RUSH!”)

Within a society in which the usage of quirks is heavily regulated, a provisional license offers holders the ability to freely use their quirks when called upon in emergency situations. With an exam taking place to offer those licenses, the students of Class 1-A at U.A. High certainly relish such an opportunity. The students at other high schools in the country also relish the opportunity, to completely destroy U.A.

Finding themselves at a disadvantage, as their quirks were televised for all to see during the U.A. Sports Festival, Class 1-A is quickly separated thanks to Ketsubutsu Academy’s Yo Shindo’s quirk, Vibrate. Split up, the various students of Class 1-A find themselves facing off against the rest of the hero courses from Japan’s other academies.

This is an action-packed set of episodes that fully displayed not only the abilities of the Class 1-A students we’ve come to know and love, but also their growth and development. The standout moments include Denki Kaminari getting the better of Seiji Shishikura of Shiketsu High (the one school on par with U.A.), freeing classmates Eijiro Kirishima and Katsuki Bakugo in the process, Momo Yaoyorozu leading her small group to victory against the schemes of Saiko Intelli of Seiai Academy, and the normally-conceited Yuga Aoyama rallying the rest of Class 1-A to pass in the exam’s waning moments. If you’ve been with these kids from the beginning, you’ll find yourself cheering their progress.

#8 – Ochaco comes to terms with her feelings…then buries them

(Episode #53 – “The Test”, #57 – “Rescue Exercises”)

Ochaco Uraraka has been one of series protagonist Izuku Midoriya’s closest friends since they started attending U.A. High. However, thanks to Yuga Aoyama’s blunt question to her during the final exams, she’s been starting to wonder if there’s something more to their friendship.

While numerous instances where being close to Izuku has brought on embarrassment for her, Ochaco didn’t really have a handle on her feelings until questioned by classmate Mina Ashido. The confusion, and the apparent jealously with Izuku’s seemingly surprise friendship with Camie Utsushimi of Shiketsu High, comes to a head with the beginning of the second phase of the Provisional License Exam. Seeing Izuku spring into action to rescue one of the actors of the exam, Ochaco finally figures it out. Her feelings for Izuku are deeper than mere friendship. But as soon as she makes that realization, she makes another one; for both her and Izuku to be able to achieve their dreams of being heroes, she has to put her feelings aside.

Ochaco has undergone some pretty extensive growth throughout the series thus far, and this is just one more aspect. However, rather than becoming a love-struck heroine, which is a common trope in any media, she determines that achieving their lofty goals is more important than potentially burdening Izuku with her personal feelings. We’ll see if season 4 brings on any more revelations for either of them in regards to their relationship.

#7 – U.A. fights back

(Episodes #42-45 – “My Hero” through “What a Twist!”)

The training camp in the forest was meant to be a summer vacation exercise for both Class 1-A and Class 1-B to hone their quirks in preparation for the Provisional License Exam. It soon turned into a fight for survival, as the League of Villains’ Vanguard Action Squad set their sights squarely on the camp.

With pro heroes trying to keep the villains at bay, all the U.A. students could do was run and hide. However, once it was found the villains were there to kidnap Sports Festival winner Katsuki Bakugo, the order went out to all students: Defend yourselves! It brought us some of the greatest fight scenes in season 3, such as Class 1-B’s Itsuka Kendo and Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu taking on the villain Mustard, Shoto Todoroki and Bakugo trying to defend themselves from the maniacal Moonfish, and Fumikage Tokoyami losing control of his quirk Dark Shadow. Of course, that’s nothing to say of Izuku’s fight with the villainous Muscular (more on that later).

However, with all the courage and heroism on display, neither the students, teachers or pro heroes could keep the Vanguard Action Squad from accomplishing their mission. It served as a painful lesson to the students: No matter how hard you fight or how valorous your reason for fighting, sometimes it’s just not enough.

#6 – A mother’s feelings, a son’s resolve

(Episode #50 – “End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End”)

Throughout Izuku’s tenure at U.A. High School, he has had no fiercer supporter than his own mother, Inko Midoriya. Sometimes though, a mother’s patience will only go so far.

In the aftermath of the League of Villains’ attack on the forest training camp, and the subsequent raid on their hideout, U.A. High Principal Nezu sees no better time to put one of his long-held ideas into practice, the U.A. dorm system. Allowing students the chance to live on campus under the protection of U.A.’s teachers, the only thing that’s left to do is to get permission from the families. However, Inko is not so willing to give it.

Dismayed not only by the attacks on the school, but by Izuku’s constant injuries, Inko is worried that leaving her son in the care of U.A. will only send him down the same bloodstained path tread by his idol, All Might. Izuku runs off, but it’s not because he’s upset. He goes to grab the letter from Kota, the kid he saved from Muscular (again, more on that later), and tells his mother it doesn’t matter where he goes, because there is someone that already views him as a hero. All Might then pleads Inko to allow him to continue to mentor her son, so he may keep Izuku from walking down the same path he has, even if he has to give his life to do so. After some thought, Inko gives her blessing, but tells All Might that if he’s going to raise her son to be a hero, then he needs to live.

Not only is the scene poignant for showing the lengths Inko will go to protect her son, a kid that now has a quirk to defend himself, but also showing how far the relationship between All Might and Izuku has come. It started out as a fanboy-idol relationship, but has grown into one of mentor and protege. We may not know what has become of Izuku’s father, but All Might has become more of a dad to Izuku as the series has progressed.

And that’s part one of this list. Stay tuned to Geekpiphany for part two!

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